Wordpress Visual Editor and Cloudflare Problems

For a first blog post I thought it would be fitting to share something that was bugging me while settings this website up.

Firstly Wordpress is stupidly easy to setup:-

  • Setup a database
  • Enter config settings
  • Navigate to install.php and all done

My problem came when trying to use the visual editor on the posts and pages editor, it just wouldn't work at all, all I saw was a mix between the HTML editor and a blank white page. Spent ages going through Google etc trying to figure it out but most of the posts were from years ago and none of them worked.

I then had a thought, maybe Cloudflare was causing the issue, low and behold it was, I turned it off and it started working, obviously I don't want to turn it off so I tried turning off various settings, narrowed it down to the JS Minify setting, just turn it off and you are ok to go.